LevelOne GTL-5280/GTL-2880/GEL-1072 Firmware 1.41 Released

LevelOne GTL-5280, GTL-2880, GEL-1072  (Hardware version: 1)
Release version: v1.41
01. Switch will drop some UDP pkts.  
02. Config : export config file from different platform , the file can not be imported. 
03. LED at link/act mode , 1G SFP Port show orange color.  
04. CAN NOT restore default via telnet .       
05. VLAN trunk sometimes lose efficacy after reboot switch . 
06. VLAN group shows incorrect message on CLI. 
07. Needs to type password one more time for login system . 
08. Correct behavior on search MAC.
09. Make up 10G PortConfSpeed OID setting .
10. Modify to meet complier with using MG-Soft complier.
Download (GTL-5280): http://bit.ly/Za5MNM
Download (GTL-2880): http://bit.ly/WRDlWl
Download (GEL-1072): http://bit.ly/W5gqTy
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